Emmerdale star Natalie Anderson is pregnant with her first child.


The actress, who plays the soap’s barmaid Alicia, revealed she’s four-and-a-half-months along and boy, hasn’t she been hiding it well!

Natalie and hubby James Shepard admitted hardly anyone noticed she was expecting. They also kept the news secret by only telling close family and friends.

“We’ve not been going to many functions and I’ve been disguising it quite a lot,” said Natalie, reports Hello! magazine.

Natalie’s due date is in August and the happy couple were moved to tears at the first scan.

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“I cried and James had a tear in his eye. It was incredible to see the tiny hands and feet, the face and this little thing dancing away,” said Natalie.

Faced with the challenge of concealing her pregnant bump on-screen until June, the Woolpack pint-puller had some unusual ideas.

“I think they’ll be a lot of standing around the bar and carrying huge handbags,” said Natalie.

It wouldn’t be the first time MFM’s seen a handbag used to disguise a baby bump!

Do you have any tips for Natalie on how to conceal a baby bump?

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