Baby Kai Rooney named after computer game or Chinese restaurant?

Coleen and Wayne Rooney’s baby name choice has many meanings

After the news of the hotly anticipated arrival of baby Kai Wayne Rooney, rumours began to spread on the inspiration behind the couple’s interesting name choice for newborn.


While some predicted Wayne Rooney might opt for Wayne Jnr and Coleen’s may have been inspired by her favourite designer handbag, they instead chose the name Kai. Although it might sounds unusual, it was the 68th most popular choice of baby name in Britain last year.

The name Kai has many meanings according to the language it’s used in, such as ‘Keeper of the Keys’ in Welsh, ‘The Sea’ in Hawaiian, ‘Victory, and Triumphant’ in Mandarin and ‘Rejoice’ in Finnish. Overall, the name Kai is positive, strong and inspirational. However, it is also the name of the character in the Playstation 3 game called ‘Heavenly Sword’, which coincidently, is Wayne’s favourite game!

It’s also the name of a fave celeb Chinese restaurant in Mayfair, London, plus Kai means ‘gravy’ in Bengali. However there doesn’t seem to be any Chinese origins in either families and it isn’t known if the Rooneys have a penchant for the brown condiment!

Whatever the reasons for Coleen and Wayne’s name choice, baby Rooney has certainly caused a stir in his first 48 hours since arriving! The bookies are already taking bets on his future career and he even has his own unofficial Twitter page.


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