Baby monitor that translates your baby’s cries

Imagine a baby monitor that understands your baby’s cries? New technology from Japan could make it possible one day


Babies change their cries depending on whether they are sad, hungry or in pain, scientists believe.


Japanese researchers have developed a computer programme that analyses the pitch and pattern of babies’ cries. By recording the sound of babies crying and noting their emotional state at the time, the researchers aim to create a simple formula that understands what each cry means. They claim to have already identified the difference between cries of pain and other cries.

The new technology could lead to the creation of hand-held baby monitors that tell you exactly what your baby needs.

MadeForMums recently reported on the Cry Translator iphone app that translates your baby’s gurgles into five categories: hungry, sleepy, annoyed, bored and stressed.


Would you trust a machine to understand your baby’s need? Or do you think parental instinct is more in tune than technology will ever be? Let us know!


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