Baby name trends for 2013 revealed

From wacky weather to Greek gods, check out the hottest baby name inspirations for next year


“Thor, can you help me take Storm to nursery?” Although it sounds crazy, that sentence could become quite normal to hear in a years time, as baby name trends across the globe for 2013 will reportedly be inspired by an mix of wild weather and the ancient gods, according to US name analysts. 


Authors Pamela Redmond Staran and Linda Rosenkrantz, who have written ten bestselling books on baby name trends over the past 25 years, have given their forecasts for the coming year, reports The Australian.

They predict that weather will be a big influence in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, saying that it’s statistically more likely there will be an increase in the use of “S” names, as was the case for “K” names after Hurricane Katrina. In addition to people choosing the name Storm, there will also be an increase in names that sound like Sandy, such as Alessandra, Cassandra and Sander.

They also revealed that the use of ancient Roman and Greek names will be a trend, fuelled by the success of The Hunger Games trilogy, HBO’s TV series Rome and The Avengers which features the character Thor.

“We predict that names of old world gods and goddesses, mythological heroes and leaders will dominate birth announcements,” the authors said.

“Choices we’ll be hearing more of include Augustus and Atticus, Persephone and Athena, Juno and Julius, Thor and Maeve,” they added.

“The appeal transcends the pop culture influence: These names are as powerful as they are deep, arming a child to triumph over earthly challenges (the parents hope).”

Plus, the Christmas film release The Hobit: An Unexpected Journey, features a strong lead characters called Thorin which is bound to bring the name firmly into popular culture.

Celebrities are reknown for their wacky baby name choices, and this year we’ve already seen celebrity baby names influenced by the anicient world. Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to her daughter in July naming her Penelope, which is famous in Greek mythology. Most recently, celebrity mum Peaches Geldof announced she’s expecting her second child and that she’s already chosen the name Pheadra, which is of ancient Greek origin, for the new addition to her family.

What do you think? Will we be seeing Storm, Thor and and Juno at nursery?


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