Manicures are a staple for some, a treat for others – but others don’t even give painting their nails a second thought.


But now pregnant women everywhere are thinking about getting their nails done, after seeing these incredible ‘baby scan nails’ go viral ???

Sarah, a beautician from Stockon-on-Tees in the North East of England, has totally wowed the internet (and all of MFM HQ) with her latest acrylic nail design.

The owner of SARenity Hair and Beauty took her pregnant client Stacey’s baby scan pic, and replicated it on false nails by hand, painting on a gorgeous black and white swirl using a (very) fine brush ?

Sarah posted the quirky £40 nail set on her Facebook page and BOOM! The pic’s since been shared 145,000 times.

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Now, she’s booked up into May with clients from across the globe apparently wanting their own scans turned into nail art.

She’s even taken to Facebook to say she’s so booked up that she’ll design the tips, and mail them out for other nail technicians to put on, for a very reasonable £25.

"It just went mental," Sarah said of her viral status, in a chat with Press Association. "I’m totally shocked at the reaction.

“There was no sentiment around doing it - I just like trying new things,” she added, revealing she’d designed the false nails for regular customer Stacey to wear during labour.

“I told her it would be popular in hospital because it’s a nice touch, but obviously they’ll probably know about it before she even gets there now.

“I’ve had a lot of requests from people who have lost their babies too, so that’s nice for them to have a memory.”

While most of the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive – it does seem a few people think they’re a bit, erm, unusual.

“I was nervous when it went viral, I thought ‘I don’t want to read any bad stuff’ but most people have been positive,” Sarah told The Sun.

“A few people have said it’s ‘weird’ or ‘creepy’ but that’s fine.”

LOL. Well, we happen to think they’re pretty cool. They’re certainly very different – and would be an interesting conversation starter when worn for a special occasion! ???

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Images: Facebook/Sarah Clarke

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