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Baby Spice wants baby number 3

Emma Bunton admits she would love to add to her brood

Emma, 37, told new! magazine: 'I would love to have another one. If we were lucky enough, one more would be lovely.'


Emma and her fiancé Jade Jones from group Damage already have tow sons; Beau, 5 and Tate, 2. The pair have been together since 1997.

Speaking about her sone, she told the magazine: 'They’re so much fun. My youngest son is so funny and so cheeky. He loves Gangnam Style and he does the dance. Everything he does is funny.

'Beau has started telling jokes. He was riding his bike the other day without stabilisers and he said to me, “OK Mummy, you can tell everyone on the radio that I’m riding my bike!” He’s becoming a lovely little man. I love it.

'He’s now at school, and Tate is at nursery.'

The Spice Girl also revealed that her job as breakfast show host on Heart Radio fits in well around mummy duties and lets her have lots of time with her family. Emma and Jade share responsibilities and don’t have a nanny.

She went to talk about how she still makes time for quality time with her fiancé, Jade: 'When you have kids, you do have to make time for each other. It is hard sometimes.'



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