Baby takes his first steps at 6 months

Xavier King walks 6 feet before he’s even learnt to crawl


Every baby’s first steps are an exciting milestone but one baby has astonished his parents by learning to walk at just 6 months old.


Xavier King hadn’t even learnt to crawl properly when he amazed his parents, Mary and David, by getting to his feet and taking a few steps at their home in Cambridge.

“It was such a shock, we couldn’t believe it,” said first-time mum, Mary. I never thought he’d be walking at 6 months, most children don’t until they’re a year old. It was amazing when he first got up and started putting one leg in front of the other.”

Xavier, who is now 7 months, was born weighing 9lb 1oz and by 3 months he was already sitting up unaided and can now walk 6 feet without help.

“I think using the bouncy chair has built up the muscles in his legs,” says his mum who has bought Xavier a playpen to stop him getting up to any mischief!


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