Baby weight? No, it’s toddler weight mums struggle with (apparently)

It's not being a new mum that can make us gain weight, say researchers; it's being a toddler mum...


We read tonnes these days about baby weight and how mums deal with it. Those who don’t ‘bounce back’ and are happy with that, and those who do and get flack for it


But a new US study, from the University of Michigan, has revealed that it might not be the weight gain from pregnancy that we mums find hard to shift so much as the weight we tend to put on once we’ve a toddler in the house. 

Researchers looked at hospital records of 32,000 Wisconsin women who had delivered between 1 and 4 children in the years from 2006 to 2013.

“We found that, by 1 or 2 years after birth, women who had children were very similar [in weight gain] to those who did not,” says lead researcher Olga Yakusheva.

But after 2 years, women who’d had children (now toddlers) were gaining weight at a faster rate than those who didn’t have kids.

Olga’s theory? “Mothers tend to put the needs of their children first, so they might not be exercising or taking care of themselves,” she says.

“It might also be little things, such as finishing the food on their child’s plate or spending more time sitting with their kids reading or watching a movie.”

And, we have to say, to us here at MadeForMums, this kind of makes sense to us – especially the bit about finishing off our child’s food (and sometimes nibbling bits of their snacks while we make them).

And it’s not so easy to incorporate exercise into your life when you’ve got a toddler, is it? While, of course, you’re always on the move (and so is your toddler!), you don’t tend to get too much brisk walking. Gone are the days when you could bundle your baby up in the pram and do several circuits round the park; now’s it’s more of a slow dawdle, as your toddler stops to pick up a discarded sweet wrapper / point at a dog / etc etc ad infinitum ? 

What do you think?

Have you put weight on since having kids? If so, do you reckon it’s more to do with lifestyle changes than simply going through pregnancy?

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