Babyexpert meets Patsy Palmer

Patsy Palmer talks parenthood and being a Yummy Mummy


Actress Patsy Palmer, 39, plays Bianca in Eastenders. She’s mum to Bertie, 1, Emilia, 10, Fenton, 11, and Charley, 20.


BX: How do you cope as a working mum of four?
PP: My husband Richard stays at home full time when I’m at work – and I think it’s easier for me to be at work! People don’t give enough credit to mums and dads really; it’s hard work trying to juggle your time and you have to be super-organised. The more organised you are, the more time you have for yourself. But who really is that organised?

BX: With children of such different ages, is it hard to find things to do together?
PP: I love cooking and getting the kids involved is great. But I think we can be a bit obsessive in a way and I find myself thinking things like, ‘There’s mess everywhere!’, ‘They’re going to hurt themselves!’, or ‘Have they done it right?’

BX: Do you have any top mummy tips?
PP: People can get a bit focused on things being perfect but I think we underestimate children. Sometimes just let them do something – stay out of their way a bit – and you’ll be amazed by what they come up with. Let them be creative, because kids are really clever, and I think we just worry too much.

BX: You’re involved with ‘Yummy Mummy Week’ to help raise money for children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent. What will you be doing?
PP: I’m planning to do something with the kids, for example getting them all to bake a cake, or we could see how many cupcakes they can make and they could donate something for each cake. Getting the kids involved is really nice, although I’d actually quite like to get all my mates round and just pamper ourselves! It’s really hard work being a mum and I think mums need a good bit of pampering. They tend to be the people who don’t really get recognised for what they do.


Patsy Palmer is supporting CLIC Sargent’s Yummy Mummy Week, which runs from 10-18 March. For more info and ideas on how to take part, visit

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