BabyStyle to release new buggy – the Oyster Max

2012 looks set to be a hot year for buggies, and BabyStyle has an entry. Converting from a single pushchair to a double, the Oyster Max may well be the hero for those after a buggy for a toddler and baby or twins.


In 2009, the first BabyStyle Oyster hit the market and it’s been on the hot list ever since.  Fondly known to some as “Bugaboo on a budget”, this single travel system compatible pushchair is about to get a sibling – the Oyster Max.


Last week, we spent some time with the Oyster Max at one of the UK’s most important baby trade and press events, Harrogate Nursery Fair. What we saw was a prototype, granted, but the features it’s set to boast have us excited. And its looks could rival the iCandy Peach.

The Oyster Max is part of a growing trend of convertible buggies – that is, buggies that convert from a single to double, changing as your family changes. As a double, the Oyster Max is a tandem, again not unlike the Peach.

We’ve been told the Oyster Max will take a multitude of seat set-ups. First off, as a single buggy, the seat will be suitable from 6 months. Add a carrycot to use from birth or a car seat to make a travel system. As a double, you will be able use two buggy seats, two carrycots or two car seats, making it sound like an ideal choice for twin mums. For a toddler and baby, there’s the combo of buggy seat and carrycot or buggy seat and car seat. We hear there may even be the possibility of the Oyster Max taking three children if a buggy board is used! Whooh!

Now to the other nuts and bolts we like the sound of. As a double buggy, the weight will be around the 14kg mark. The main seat unit will be reversible and the handle height will be adjustable. It will boast solid EVA wheels (also called ‘puncture resistant’ in some circles), and mudflaps for the rear wheels come with the second seat. We’ve heard it will push like a single buggy while taking two kids, and hopefully the tandem set-up means width shouldn’t be a major sticking point. We can’t wait to get our hands on it and check out how it folds and unfolds, as well as how it manoeuvres and rides with two little bodies onboard.

Style wise, the chrome finish chassis and choice of five colours – lime, tomato, ocean, black and grape – make for a striking, chic package.

Rumour has it we could see the Oyster Max as early as September or October this year (no promises though), and that prices could be around £400 for the single buggy and £130 for the second seat. This is sounding rather purse-friendly, given its specs, flexible set-up, designer look and the current price tags we’re seeing on some convertible buggies. However, it’s worth noting the optional carrycot/s and car seat/s would add to that figure.


We managed to tease a few early-bird images of the prototype out of the BabyStyle gang to share with you – we’d love to know what you think of the Oyster Max!

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