Baffled dad-to-be shares bizarre scan pic on Reddit

"I'm sorry sir, but your child is a Fiat. Please take a moment to gather your thoughts."


Here at MFM HQ, we do love a ‘novelty’ scan pic – just yesterday we shared one that seemed to show model Sallie Axl’s unborn baby blowing a bubble.


And we really liked the one that definitely featured two famous royals in the womb.

So, we couldn’t help ourselves! We just had to share this pic, posted by a Reddit user, and captioned: “My wife is pregnant with a sports car”.

Can you see it?


What do you mean, you can’t? We’re thinking it looks a bit like this:


See it now? Course you do!

Though we reckon it looks more like a hatchback driving away from us than a sports car.

As you can imagine, the post has inspired endless comments on reddit, with users getting quite serious about the debate of what car it is.

One user suggested it’s a Tesla Model X, while another quipped: “I’m sorry, but that looks like a PT Cruiser to me.”

Someone else joked: “Congrats on your new Chrysler Crossfire”.

And finally this: “I’m sorry sir, but your child is a Fiat. Please take a moment to gather your thoughts.” 

Total LOL ? 

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