Banning buggies- could it help tackle childhood obesity?

Parents are being urged to make their children get out of their pushchairs and walk in a bid to stop them from becoming overweight.


As child obesity continues to rise, ministers and town hall chiefs are advising parents to stop using pushchairs on small journeys and encourage children as young as 3 to walk.


“ We have to acknowledge childhood obesity is a growing problem. While local authorities have a party to play it is ultimately the responsibility of parents and carers,” said Nickie Aiken, Westminster’s council cabinet member for children.

“I get very frustrated when I see children as old as 5 in a buggy. We should stop using the buggy as much as we can from 3,” she added.

Statistics have revealed that London has the highest rate of child obesity. Only Richmond and Bromley are below the national average of 19%.

Public Health Minister Anne Milton has backed the idea. “Encouraging children to walk is one way of getting the whole family to take more exercise,” said Anne.

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