Barbie, Lego and…Mensa? How one 4-year-old girl could be a real life Matilda

Heidi Hankins hasn’t even started school yet, but her IQ is something to shout about


Heidi Hankins, 4, seems to have learned a few things from Roald Dahl’s novel Matilda. While we presume Heidi can’t move chalk around with her eyes, her IQ score of 159 puts her a mega 59 points above the average child’s IQ.


Heidi’s dad Matthew, a university lecturer who specialises in measuring IQ, was intrigued by his daughter. “I got her the complete set of the Oxford Reading Tree books when she was 2 and she read through the whole 30 in about an hour. It’s what you’d expect a 7-year-old to do,” Matthew told the Metro.

After Heidi’s nursery told Matthew and his wife Sophy that they had run out of activities to challenge Heidi, they sent her results to Mensa. While Heidi hasn’t even started school, her results were reportedly off the scale.

Already able to do addition and subtraction as well as write clear sentences, Heidi’s arguably a step ahead of her future classmates. But Heidi loves Lego and Barbie too, so looks like she’s still a 4-year-old at heart. 


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