Pushing a double pram, ex-Home and Away actress Christie Hayes (she played Kirstie Sutherland) is used to being asked the age difference between her 2 boys by strangers.


It's 11 months – and to "save time, confusion and embarrassment" the 29-year-old says she often does the maths for people.

"I was pregnant 6 weeks after I gave birth to my first," she'll say.

Christie is the first to admit that her "first baby was planned" while her second was a "BIG surprise".

But the mum of 2 says getting pregnant just 6 weeks after giving birth had an unexpected side-effect.

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She says it's "resulted in the now cringe-worthy experience of people publicly discussing my sex life".


Christie had her first son Hendrix Walter White on 11 October, 2014 and gave birth to her second son Harley on 4 September 2015.

Writing a guest blog for The Modern Mumma, Christie explains what finding out she was pregnant again was like.

"Here I was. I'd just given birth, was so tired I couldn't remember my own name and frankly, slightly depressed at a time I should've been happy (according to all my well-wishers who were kindly telling me this was going to be the happiest time of my life). And pregnant. AGAIN," she writes.


And the reaction was completely different the second time.

"I remember the doctor telling me the test I just took was positive, that I was 'about 6 weeks along'. I remember feeling guilty straight away because I didn't jump for joy.

"I felt shocked, a little scared and justifiably, very tired. A completely different reaction to my first pregnancy where we both cried, laughed, jumped around like idiots in the doctor’s office then straight away went and cleared out our local pharmacy with vitamins for me."

But Christie's fiancé Daniel offered "great relief" when he told her it was "beautiful news".

So they did what any parents would do – they got on with it.

"Flash forward to September 4th, 2015, and my beautiful second son, Harley was born. Exactly 11 months to the day his big brother was - in the exact same hospital room.

"And whilst it has had challenges, it's wonderful. He is wonderful. Motherhood is wonderful. Hell, motherhood to 2 kids under 1 is wonderful," she writes.

Photos: Instagram / Christie Hayes

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