Barbie’s Ken goes solo in Toy Story 3

Stepping out from his blonde girlfriend’s shadow, dolly boy Ken is joining the cast of the upcoming Disney Pixar 3D film


With his plastic bouffant, cheesy chin and terrible dress sense, Ken has always been little more than Barbie’s sidekick. However, Ken (otherwise known as Kenneth Carson-Roberts) is set to steal the platinum blonde’s limelight by joining the Toy Story 3 gang.


Voiced by actor Michael Keaton, Barbie’s boyfriend will be in the good company of Toy Story favourites Woody the cowboy, Buzz Lightyear and Mr.Potato Head, plus a host of other new characters such as Peas-In-A-Pod and Lots-O’-Huggin’ bear.

The Toy Story 3D prequel follows the adventurous playthings of Andy, who is off to college but only takes his beloved Woody with him. However, his other toys accidentally end up in a children’s day care centre, and so the adventure begins. Check out MFM’s guide to the top films to see this summer for the official trailer of the film, which hits cinemas on July 23.


The vain man-doll is seen in this interesting getup of an aqua blue and black animal print shirt complete with matching mini shorts, necktie and loafers. What Barbie saw in him we’ll never know…


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