BB10 contestant quits because she misses her children

Single mum of two Saffia Corden sensationally bails out of the reality show after eight days.

After entering the BB diary room on Thursday evening at 8:30pm, mum Saffia informed Big Brother that she wanted out.


Her reasons for leaving are believed to be due to her pining for her children, Millie, 7, and Albie, 13 months, who were left behind with their grandmother Lindsey in Nottingham.

There is speculation however, that it could be due to her jealously of model Kris Donnelly’s flirtation with glamour girl Sophie Reade and conflict with her nemesis Sofia Brown, who she had an argument with hours before she quit.

Unbeknown to her, she faced a wave of criticism and was branded ‘selfish’ by a leading children’s charity for leaving her kids behind to pursue fame. Michele Elliot, head of Kidscape Children’s Charity told The Daily Mail, “This mother is responsible for the child and nobody leaves a child for that amount of time unless they are selfish.”

The backlash continued with groups being set up on Facebook called ‘Get Saffia Corden Out of Big Brother.’


What do you think? Is it fair that Saffia has been penalised for leaving her children to go in the BB house? Let us know below…

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