Be an Airhedz

Cool new inflatable headgear to give your little ones (and you) a laugh!

Inflate and wear

If your little one ever fancied themselves as a budding popstar, swash buckling pirate or even a slimy extra terrestrial, their time has come to shine – and all they need is a quick blow of air!


Brand new inflatable dress-up kits, Airhedz, are a fab way to liven up playtime and each kit comes with a giant piece of headgear and an accessory to really bring the character alive.

There are eight outfits to choose from, so blow them up, put them on and get ready for the ultimate in super-sized, big headed fun!


These gems are a bargain, so snap yours up for just £7.99 each at Bluw Toys. And don’t worry, it’s not the children who can get wiggy with it, there’s also an adult range which includes an Elvis, Afro and Mohican inflatable wig!

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