Being a parent makes you more green

Becoming a mum or dad makes you more aware of environmental issues, according to recent research


According to a recent study by EDF Energy, people grow more aware of being green and saving the environment when they become parents.


The birth of the first child is a vital time when couples decide to be more ‘green’ (along with buying a house). Taking a more active approach to recycling, parents live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Parents admit this new green state of mind is often due to pressure from family and friends, as well as  financial benefits. This is something pregnant celebrity mum Myleene Klass can relate to.

Talking about why she supports the green lifestyle, the Team Green Britain ambassador admits that becoming a parent made her more environmentally – and financially – aware. “As well as protecting the environment, becoming greener in your daily life can also help you save money, which is good news for all mums and mums-to-be,” she stated.


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