Being too clean link to breast cancer?

Regularly using harsh cleaning chemicals and air fresheners could double breast cancer risk, suggest reseachers


Women who regularly use household cleaning products could have twice the risk of developing breast cancer than those who never touch the products, says a new study. More than 1,500 women were involved in the research, which found that slow release air-fresheners and anti-mould products have the biggest affect.


“Women who reported the highest combined cleaning product use had a doubled risk of breast cancer compared to those with the lowest reported use,” said Dr Julia Brody, who worked on the study.

Lab tests have also found that some of the chemicals used in cleaning products and even insect repellants could be carcinogenic. The same products have also been linked to a higher risk of developing asthma.

However, the study was retrospective as women who were diagnosed with breast cancer were asked to remember their behavior over a long period of time. Researchers also agreed that more research was necessary.


There are biological and all-natural cleaning products if you want to switch from chemical sprays. MFM is investigating, so watch this space!

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