Ben Affleck joins hairy scary dads club!

How celebrity parents embarrass their children too


Ben Affleck

You would imagine that having an A-list muscle-bound superhero dad would eliminating the possibilty of paternal cringe-factor. But you would be wrong.


Ben Affleck, star of Daredevil and father to Violet, 6, Seraphina, 3, and Samuel, 7 months, has admitted his family “unanimously hated” his latest look, a scruffy 1970’s mop-top and shaggy beard.

Ben, who grew the dodgy ‘do for his role in Argo revealed, “My family unanimously hated the look. There was a united front and my littlest daughter said, ‘Can’t you shave your prickles?’ I said, ‘I have to wear this for work.'”

”My daughter said, ‘What kind of work would want you to look like this?”

Of course, Ben is not the only Hollywood actor to shame his children with a scary new look, read on for two more dodgy daddy transformations…

Jude Law’s unborn child has a name – Sophia – as chosen by the mum-to-be three months before she gives birth

Jude Law

Hunky dad Jude Law has admitted that his kids were too ashamed to be seen with him in the playground after he grew a shaggy beard and bouffant barnet.

The normally suave actor, who previously beat the likes of David Beckham and Johnny Depp to be crowned most stylish celebrity dad, cultivated the facial fuss for his role in Anna Karenina.

Speaking to People, Jude revealed the extent of his children’s embarrasment, saying, “My kids banned me from collecting them from school unless I was wearing a hat and hid.”


Matthew Fox

Usually known for his rugged good looks, Matthew Fox recently shocked his family by shedding the pounds to play a serial killer in Alex Cross.

The Lost actor spoke of his family’s disdain at his emaciated frame, saying “When I started losing all the weight she [my mother] would see me and it was really hard for her. She would gasp and say, ‘Oh my God, can I feed you?”

Lucky Matthew, father to daughter Kyle 14 and Byron, 11, had his Italian wife’s home cooking to return to when shooting wrapped.

“Those last few days I couldn’t wait to get to the end of it and go home to my family and slip back into my normal everyday life.” he divulged.

“Eating regularly was fantastic. When I got home my wife is Italian and she’s a fantastic cook, so one of the first things she made was a particularly good lasagna. I think it’s the best lasagna in the world.”


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