Ben Affleck’s son gets surprise playdate with Prince George

The Argo director took a while to twig that security guards with earphones weren't the norm at a soft play centre


Many of us will have secretly imagined our dream celeb playdate, right?


But 44-year-old dad-of-3 Ben Affleck revealed he certainly wasn’t expecting his youngest son Samuel to end up on a royal playdate (of sorts) with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The Batman vs Superman star, who is set to appear on The Graham Norton Show tonight, made it clear that the unlikely meeting was a bit of a shock.

Whilst on a visit to rainy London ☔, Ben dropped by an indoor play park with his youngest child, 4-year-old Samuel.

But something didn’t seem quite right…

“When it was raining, I took my youngest to one of those kid’s indoor play parks,” he said. ‘It was pretty empty and then I noticed this weird vibe from the other grownups.

“They were all very well dressed and they had earpieces and I thought, ‘For a kids’ place this is tight security!'”

“I was the very last person to realise that Prince George and Princess Charlotte were in there playing with my kid,” he laughed.

? We gotta admit… we reckon we’d notice the tight security straight away if this happened at one of our local indoor play parks!

No word on whether or not Prince William or Duchess Kate were in attendance to mix it up with the other parents, but regardless, that’s not a play sesh you’ll forget in a hurry, is it?

It seemed to have a lasting effect on little Samuel, too, but not a great one… the little tyke ended up with a cold shortly after.

On the bright side, as Ben joked: “I can now tell him that he got a cold from the King of England!”

We wonder if Samuel’s older sisters – 10-year-old Violet and 7-year-old Seraphina – along with mum Jennifer Garner, were a bit jealous that they’d missed the chance encounter.

We know we’d be… ?

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