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10 of the best doll styling heads for kids

Frozen, Trolls, Disney, Barbie and even unicorns - we've found the all the best doll styling heads for kids to style and accessorise in whatever way their creativity takes them

Best doll styling heads

Princesses, unicorns and even trolls – there is a seemingly endless list of doll styling head models for kids to choose from.


The toys feature various styles and lengths of hair for children to brush, braid and accessorise. You’ll also find a variety of clips, bows, combs and gems to decorate the hair in a huge range of creative ways. Some dolls even feature colour-changing makeup, such as eye shadow or nail varnish, which can be activated with cold water.

Whether you child is a fan or Frozen or Beauty and the Beast, or just loves to practice hair styling, there are plenty to choose from in our list of the best doll styling heads for kids below.

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10 of the best doll styling heads

1. Dreamtopia Unicorn Styling Head, £30

Age: 3+

This Barbie Dreamtopia styling head is deal for young unicorn fans. The rainbow hair can be brushed and styled as your child cares for their magical friend. We love the extra special touches on the Unicorn like the glittering horn and long eye lashes.

Previous buyers on Argos described it as “fun and colourful”, with one reviewer saying it brought “hours of fun” for her niece, while another added that her “3 year old unicorn mad girl loved it”.

Available from: Argos

2. Disney Princess Belle Deluxe Styling Head, £30

Age: 3+

This Disney Princess styling head is modelled as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. With the set you’ll find 12 themed accessories including a rose hair clip and a hair donut to fashion Belle’s trademark bun, as seen in the animated film. Her nails, lips and eye shadow also change colour so children can alter her makeup too.

Reviewers of the doll styling head seemed impressed with the toy, with many reviewers saying it kept kids entertained for hours.

One buyer who purchased it for her granddaughter from Argos said that she, “absolutely loved the Belle styling head for her birthday” and it gave “hours of fun and different hair styles and pretty hair clips and accessories to play with.”

Available at: Argos

3. Barbie Sparkle Deluxe Styling Head, £39.99

Age: 3+

This styling head from Barbie features rainbow streaks through her hair and includes clips and pop-in gems to customise her style however your child chooses.

There is also a makeup applicator which, when wet with cold water, should change the colour of the doll’s lips and nails.

Those who had bought the styling head on Argos described it as “worth its money” and “good quality all the way.” One reviewer added she liked how her child “could practice playing with hair that resembles their own texture which gives them practice for styling their own hair”.

Available from: Very and Argos

4. Chad Valley 100-piece Styling Head Doll, £12

Age: 3+

This styling head from Chad Valley comes with a wide array of accessories giving a multitude of ways to style the doll’s hair. The pink dryer also includes sound effects to seem more like the real thing.

Reviewers of this doll head on Argos said it was quite light, which meant it wasn’t always very stable when brushing. However, one buyer who pointed this out added that, “for the price, it is great value for money and the issues above don’t effect enjoyment at all.”

Others agreed, added that children who played with it enjoyed “all the bobbles and coloured hair” and described it as “a great accessory to beat boredom and helps children of all ages develop skills that require detail and attention.”

Available from: Argos

5. Moana Styling Head, £19.99

Age: 3+

Fans of Moana will love this styling head for kids. The doll includes 13 accessories such as seashell clips, elastic bands and a hair brush for styling her long hair. The clips can also be used on children’s own hair so they can dress up just like Moana.

Like some other styling heads, previous buyers on Amazon pointed out how lightweight the toy was and recommended securing with tape or suction pads. Overall, however, reviewers seemed pleased with the doll and a number stated they would be buying it again for other children.

“Love the accessories, hair texture and the head itself. Would purchase again,” said one parent who bought one for each of their 2 children. Another described it as, “very cute” with hair that “is a consistent thickness over the doll’s entire head.”

Available from: Amazon

6. Frozen Anna Styling Head, £17.99

Age: 3+

Anna from the Frozen franchise is likely to be recognisable to just about every child (and adult!) almost immediately. This styling head is modelled on the famous sister and allowing you to brush and braid her characteristic red hair.

Those who bought this toy at Smyths Toys were impressed with the toy overall. One great grandparent of a 7 year old recipient described it as an “excellent toy for aspiring hairstylists” and another described the hair as “lovely, very soft and shiny”.

Others commented on the “value for money” of the doll head and another said it was a hit with both her son and daughter; “a really good toy my kids love it. We have had lots of fun with it and she has visited a few people with us! I recommend it.”

Available from: Argos and Smyths Toys

7. Princess Jasmine Styling Head, £15.99

Age: 3+

This styling head for children is modelled on Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin. There are 13 accessories included for creating fun hair styles including clips and ribbons which kids can wear in their own hair too.

On Amazon, the toy is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars overall from more than 450 reviews. One parent bought the toy for their daughter and said they now practice styling together; “I currently practice on my mannequin for hairstyles for my clients and she used to always watch me, now she joins in.”

Another buyer added that their daughter was “super excited and happy” with her new Jasmine styling head.

Available from: Amazon

8. Trolls Poppy Styling Head, £25

Age: 3+

This gorgeous and oh-so-brightly coloured Poppy head comes with a comb, 5 hair clips and 3 comb accessories. If your little one likes Trolls and wants a styling head, this could be the perfect styling head for them.

One thing to note is that, according to some reviews, the hair remained in the ponytail style to be brushed, accessorised and braided, but it won’t brush down flat like some of the princess or other versions might.

Reviewers seemed pleased with the toy overall, with one parent on Argos saying it provided hours of fun for their child who “loves playing with hair so [is] already well engrossed with it keeps her well entertained.”

Available at: Argos

9. Baby Born Make-up and Hair Styling Head, £30

Age: 3+

Zapf’s Baby Born styling head comes with the most accessories out of all the options on our list – 24 in total including clips and stickers so your child can get creative with a range of different hairstyles.

The toy is a commonly chosen option on Amazon and averages a score of 4.6 out of 5 stars, from over 1,000 reviews.

Reviewers commented on the “fabulous and soft” hair, with one parent who bought this for a 6 year old saying that, “the base is sturdy, the head a good size and the hair is still quite soft and manageable after a few weeks of use.”

Available from: Amazon and John Lewis

10. Ariel Styling Head, £16.99

Age: 3+

Ariel is best known for her long red hair, which you can style with clips designed to look like her flounder friend as well as seashells on this styling head. There are 13 accessories in total, including a brush to comb out her hair between different styles.

On Amazon, the doll scored 4.3 out of 5 stars overall with over 1,900 reviews, making this a commonly bought style. Reviewers mentioned that the head is quite light, which means stability may also be an issue with this one.

The hair was described as “super soft and long” and another reviewer said that their “4-year-old daughter has so much fun combing, styling and [doing the doll’s] makeup.”

Available from: Amazon


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