10 of the best doll styling heads

Girls World, Barbie, Ariel, Trolls, Chad Valley - even Play Doh - we've picked the best dolls head and hair styling toys from £10 to £40


In the ‘old’ days, the Girls World styling head was the one everyone wanted. Now there’s the Barbie styling head which is pretty popular – but there are so many others to choose from too.


So if you’re looking for a styling head doll for your little one this Christmas but aren’t sure what to go for – we’ve had a look for you.

Each of the ones we’ve picked out has something a bit different about it, so you’ll hopefully find one that’s just right.

Take a look at our pick of the best styling heads around…


1. Girl’s World Styling Head, £19.99

Age: 4 years +

What it is: This classic styling head comes with a brush, comb, 10 x small clips, 2 x large clips, 8 x hair elastics, 4 x hair ties and 2 x coloured hair extensions as well as instructions.

Why we love it: If you like a good dose of nostalgia with your Christmas presents – we think of this as the original styling head. It’s got a great price point, too.

Available at: Argos


 2. Barbie Flip & Reveal Styling Head, £39.99

Age: 3 years +

What it is: A Barbie head that comes with lots of accessories your child can wear too: flip her hair to go from blonde to pink in an instant.

Why we love it: If your little one loves Barbie, including the show as well as the merch, then this is sure to be a winner. One of the MFM team has purchased it for her 6-year-old daughter for Chrimbo and told us the box it comes in – with all the accessories on show, definitely makes it a ‘wow factor’ present for Christmas day.

Available at: Very and Argos


3. Play-Doh Royal Salon with Disney Princess Rapunzel, £22

Age: 3 – 8 years

What it is: A Rapunzel head that your little one can make hair and accessories for out of the 4 pots of Play-Doh included.

Why we love it: It’s got a bit of a creative spin on the usual styling heads, and if your little one loves Play-Doh AND styling heads it blends 2 things they love just brilliantly.

Available at: Toys R Us and Selfridges


4. Chad Valley 100-piece Styling Head Doll, £24.61

Age: 3 years +

What it is: As mentioned in the title, this set comes with 100 pieces no less, including a little hair dryer hair clips and a brush.

Why we love it: As well as coming with an abundance of accessories, reviews we’ve read say it’s really good quality.

Available at: eBay


5. Just Play African American Barbie Styling Head (Small), £33

Age: 4 years +

What it is: This small version of the Barbie styling head comes with 7 items included: a headband, brush and 4 rubber bands.

Why we love it: We have to say, we struggled to find many black styling heads – and certainly got stuck looking for any with African-Caribbean hair. But, we think this one is kind of cute, and the price isn’t ramped up on Storkz at least (though you’ll find it on Amazon for more than £70).

Available at: Storkz


6. Ariel Bath Styling Head, £10

Age: 4 years +

What it is: This styling head comes with 2 clips, 1 flower hair comb, 1 brush and a sea-shell water scoop so your child can wash her hair in the bath.

Why we love it: Ariel’s a mermaid so of course this toy was meant to be played with in water! If you’re looking for a styling head that doubles for bath time fun – this could be the one!

Available at: Smyths Toys and eBay


7. Sparkle Girlz Butterfly Fairies, £19.99

Age: 3 years +

What it is: This pink-haired styling head comes with 24 accessories to keep your little one entertained for positively ages.

Why we love it: If your child’s into nails as well as hair this could be the head for them, as it has plenty of nail accessories as well as a bracelet and ring.

Available at: Very


8. Trolls Poppy Styling Head, £24

Age: 4 years +

What it is: This gorgeous and oh-so-brightly coloured Poppy head comes with a comb, 5 hair clips and 3 comb accessories.

Why we love it: If your little one likes Trolls and wants a styling head, this could be the perfect 2 -in-1 gift. You can also buy a Twists n Twirls twin pack of crazy hair accessories separately to add to Poppy’s mane.

Available from: Toys R Us


9. PureGadgets Beautiful Princess Styling Head, £11

Age: 3 years +

What it is: This smaller styling head comes with a necklace, make-up pod, lipstick, eye shadow, comb, hair clips, and coloured hair extensions.

Why we love it: If it’s make-up your child likes, this one comes with a mini cosmetics set. It’s not the biggest head on the market, but has a good price point, plus, it’s on Amazon Prime so you can get it delivered quickly and for free…

Available at: Amazon


10. Monster High Styling Head, £35

Age: 6 years +

What it is: A goth twist on the regular styling heads, this one comes with 31 accessories, and glows in the dark.

Why we love it: Well, it certainly breaks the mould of the usual styling heads – a bit funkier, a bit cooler – if your child considers themselves a little bit ‘alt’ they might just love this.

Available at: JD Williams

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