It’s the celeb pregnancy everyone’s still talking about - Beyonce and husband Jay-Z are currently expecting twins ?


And it seems that the company behind Beyonce’s latest baby gear purchase is talking about it, too.

Baby furniture brand Suommo told The Daily Star that Bey and her hubby have already picked out some of their luxury cots for babies no 2 and 3.

The couple reportedly purchased 2 of the Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition, which cost €38,000 (around £32k) a piece ?

They’re made of 18-carat yellow gold - and are the priciest in the Dodo Bassinet range. But even a simple black one will set you back an eye-watering £13.5k.

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Jay-Z is also alleged to have bought the mum-to-be a gold dummy pendant worth around £65k, also from Suommo. It’s said to be the most expensive dummy in the world.

Indeed ?


Also, speaking of gold, Beyonce stole the show at last night’s Grammy Awards with several sparkling bump-hugging outfits.

Firstly, the stunning singer wore a goddess-like bejewelled gown and headdress… followed by a golden bikini for her medley performance.


She also appeared alongside mother Tina Knowles and daughter Blue Ivy Carter in holograms surrounding the stage...


Then after picking up 2 (golden) Grammy awards for tracks from her hit album Lemonade, Beyonce changed things up and wore a sequinned red gown, which perfectly hugged her growing bump.


To top it all of, British singer Adele used her Album of The Year acceptance speech to pay tribute to her idol… even suggesting Beyonce should’ve won, instead of her.

Sounds like Queen Bey's got plenty of things to celebrate atm ???

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