Beyonce and Jay-Z – have you really spent $1million on your baby already?

Pregnant singer is rumoured to be splashing the cash on her first baby with husband Jay-Z


Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z have allegedly spent almost $1million in preparation for their first baby, according to reports in Now magazine. 


“Beyonce’s waited a long time to have a baby and she’s determined to take good care of herself. She’s paying a dietician to organise a food plan of natural organic meals, she’s having daily massages and spent a fortune on lotions to prevent stretchmarks and keep her feeling good. She’s even hired a photographer to document the whole pregnancy. Bey’s been told to look after herself like never before and Jay-Z’s making sure she has everything she needs,” a source allegedly said, reports Now.

Beyonce, 30, is also said to be participating in pregnancy yoga and meditation classes to help prepare for labour.

The Destiny’s Child superstar announced her pregnancy in spectacular fashion at this year’s MTV Awards, after always stating she would have her first baby at 30 years of age.

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