Beyonce’s baby name choice – what does it mean?

New mum Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z create a Twitter storm with their baby’s unusual name. MFM tries to get to the bottom of it…


Beyonce and Jay-Z are celebrating the birth of their first baby, a girl, named Blue Ivy Carter. While we wait with baited breath for the first glimpse of one of Hollywood’s hottest new arrivals, we’ve decided to try to get to grips with that name.


If we’re honest, here at MFM HQ we’d have been quite disappointed if Beyonce’s baby wasn’t called something fabulous and Blue Ivy ticks the celebrity, original and intriguing boxes respectively. Pushing aside the fact the initials spell out BIC (we’re pretty sure Beyonce didn’t name her baby girl after a biro!), what’s clear is this name is fuelled with meaning for the celeb duo.

Blue featured in three of daddy Jay-Z’s albums, The Blueprint, The Blueprint 2 and The Blueprint 3, suggesting the rapper has had an attachment to the colour throughout his career. The colour blue could be linked to the Virgin Mary as well as being associated with coolness, which when your mum and dad are Jay-Z and Beyonce, is kind of a given!

The word blue is also four letters long, which links nicely to the fact that Ivy sounds just like the Roman numeral for the number four, IV. Beyonce told Billboard magazine, “We all have special numbers in our lives, and four is that for me.” Not only is Ivy the closest equivalent to having the Roman numeral itself as a name, the pair both have the symbol tattooed on their wedding ring fingers, were both born on the 4th, married on the 4th, Bey’s mum was born on the 4th and Jay-Z’s adopted name is made up of four letters, phew! Of course the other fab thing is that we now have mummy and baby B!

Other celebs who’ve used numbers include the Beckhams, with Harper Seven. And Emma and Matt Willis called their boy Ace. Maybe they’re all trying to make up a pack of cards…


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