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Beyonce's mysterious 'birth' - the truth behind the rumours

Twitter went crazy a few days ago, claiming the singer had given birth to a baby girl called Tiana May - but how and why did the stories start?

Twitter went into overdrive just before New Year with stories that Beyonce had given birth to a baby daughter. Fans and news websites even went so far as to give the baby a name - Tiana May Carter.


But then things went quiet... until a still very pregnant Beyonce popped up on New Year's Eve enjoying a meal!

The singer, sporting a prominent bump, had a meal out with her husband Jay-Z at a New York restaurant and then apparently headed off to her sister's house to see the New Year in. Sis Solange later tweeted, "Shout out to my sister for being THE cutest pregnant woman ever!"

No wonder during the Twitter furore that Beyonce decided to keep mum and stay out of all the speculation. So what triggered the all the rumours?

It all started back in September when Beyonce revealed in her Live at Roseland DVD that she was six months pregnant. “Hello! It’s September 23rd,” Beyonce announced. “Right now I’m actually shooting the video for ‘Countdown’ and I’m six months pregnant, pretending that my stomach is flat in body suits.” Which means she would have been around 9 months pregnant at the end of December.

On 28 December, American website revealed that it had been tipped off by nursing staff about an impending VIP birth. It stated that nurses and security staff at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital in New York had been told to expect a celebrity patient who had booked out half of the labour and delivery floor – the same place that Alicia Keys gave birth to her baby.

On 29 December, according to the Daily Mail, her mum and her sister Solange were spotted in New York today, another 'sign' that Beyonce's birth must be imminent.

On 30 December, fans start tweeting that Beyonce and Jay-Z have had their baby, and have called her Tiana May.

All goes quiet on 1 Jan after a pregnant Beyonce is spotted having a meal out with hubby.

Despite all the excitement about Beyonce giving birth, it hasn't stopped all the internet stories about this being a surrogate pregnancy. It seems this is one story the singer may find hard to shake off.

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