Beyonce’s weight loss secret?

It might not be what you think...


No personal trainers or superfood diets for Beyonce Knowles! The superstar has championed good old-fashioned breastfeeding as the best way to shed the baby weight.


‘I lost most of my weight from breastfeeding and I encourage women to do it,’ said Beyonce in an interview with US People magazine.

The new celebrity mum, who claims she gained 50lbs during her pregnancy, breastfed baby Blue Ivy for 10 weeks.  She said: ‘It’s just so good for the baby and good for yourself.’

She also took up a regime of healthy eating and exercise a month after the birth to fully snap back into fabulous shape. Despite this, Beyonce is certain that breastfeeding played the biggest part in her post-baby weight loss.

‘I’m proud that my waist came back so fast and happy, but that was mostly from the breastfeeding.’  

Not only did the ‘Bootylicious’ singer open up about breastfeeding, but she also revealed her new-found connection to her body following pregnancy.

‘It makes me so proud to be a woman because it’s just unexplainable what happens to your body – it’s incredible,’ said Beyonce.


‘I felt more powerful than I’ve ever felt in my life. I felt connected to my body. I felt like I knew my purpose in the world.’

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