Bid to ban smoking whilst driving children

Parents should be banned from smoking in their car if they have a child passenger, claims the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health


Inflicting second-hand smoke onto youngsters is something that would not be tolerated in public places, so experts are asking why it is acceptable to spark up a cigarette in a car.


“Why on earth would you light up in your car whilst your children are sitting quite happily in the back? On the assumption that you wouldn’t pass the packet round and invite the kids to light up, why make them breathe tobacco smoke at all?” Professor Terence Stephenson told The Daily Mail

Critics of the Professor Stephenson’s comments claim this is an example of the ‘nanny state’ and argue that you cannot legislate for every aspect of people’s behaviour. Professor Stephenson, however strongly disagrees. “Second-hand smoke has been found to be strongly linked to chest infections in children, asthma, ear problems and SIDs.”


What do you think? Should we be allowed to smoke in private spaces like our cars with our children buckled up in the back? Let us know below…


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