Well, it’s been a very happy weekend for The One Show’s Alex Jones!


While talking with the stars of Bridget Jones’s Baby on BBC’s evening talk show, co-star Angelica Bell prompted Alex to reveal her big news…

“Well, this film couldn’t have come at a better time, because it just so happens my husband Charlie and I are having a baby in the new year!” Alex revealed.

“Lots and lots of you had guessed, and I was trying to breathe in. Now I can breathe out which is just lovely. “I’ve had no sickness and no tiredness. I feel great.”

The 39-year-old star also took to Instagram to confirm her happy news…

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"Charlie and I are very happy to confirm that we're expecting a little baby in the new year. Absolutely delighted and feel very lucky that we're about to become parents. #andbreatheout #newbabyalert" she wrote beside the pic.

The Welsh TV presenter has been quite vocal about her fertility in the past - even taking part in a documentary on the subject - after she discovered her mum went through menopause at the early age of 43.

Huge congrats to the happy couple ?

Meanwhile, over at ITV… Xtra Factor presenter Matt Edmondson shocked fans when he didn’t turn up to the live broadcast of the show on Saturday night.

But he did have a pretty good excuse - his wife was giving birth!

Bryony Edmondson went into labour 3 weeks earlier than expected, but fortunately gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Matt took to Twitter to share a “little message” with his fans, explaining why he’d been MIA…

“Okay, I was hoping to fly under the radar with this one, but…” he began. “I’ve had a baby! A really cute one.”

“We always had a 2 in 7 chance that she’d arrive on a day where there was an Xtra Factor Live… What I didn’t expect was for her to hatch her escape plan 3 weeks early and 2 hours before the live show!

“I am so, so, unbelievably excited about being a Dad and Bryony did the most amazing job ever.

“We had a very peaceful, beautiful home birth with the help of Neighbourhood Midwives (who are worth their weight in gold-seriously) and we are so happy with our little (very little in fact!) girl.

“Anyhow, thanks to Rylan for flying solo (and crying at the news in his dressing room when I told him!) and thanks to all of you who sent me such kind messages. You guys are a great.”

Of course co-host Rylan Clark had a little cry upon hearing Matt’s joyous news...

But Matt was back in action the following night for the Sunday edition of the ITV2 show – despite the daunting lack of sleep most (if not all) new parents face.

"I've not slept for 36 hours so this could be an interesting Sunday night on Xtra Factor Live,” he joked with viewers.

And Rylan was armed with a plastic baby doll, natch ?

Congrats to the new parents ?

Images and GIF: Instagram/Alex Jones, Instagram/Twitter/Matt Edmondson, Giphy

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