Babies. Are. Wriggly. And tiny. Put those together and you have a recipe for almost-certain disaster when it comes to doing up their little baby grows, right?


Add to these things the fact you might have big sausage fingers too - and it's a positive wonder you can ever manage to get your baby dressed at all.

Cue this large-handed dad who's made a video appeal to baby clothes makers asking them to think about big "dad hands" when they're making their teensy baby clothes.

"I've got dad hands, and these don't deal too well with baby buttons... If you're a dad... you've got hands... you're gonna struggle."

His solution?

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Yep, make more Velcro, he reckons.

Does he have a point?

Here at MFM HQ this topic brought up a surprising amount of chat - who knew baby clothing fastenings could be such an intriguing convo?

A few of us thought Velcro could be a good solution - though others of us weren't so sure as we remember how it can lose its sticky and go fluffy.

A couple extolled the virtues of zippers rather than those awkward plastic poppers - but one of us winced recalling catching her bubba's delicate skin in the metal teeth (ouch).

Though what we all agreed on is that this isn't necessarily just a dad issue. Some dads have small hands after all - and some of us mums have decent-sized digits ourselves.

So - good suggestion, large-handed dad - but could you include the mums too, please? Waving our huge-palmed hands right at ya ??

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