The Faiers sisters are never far from a mum-shaming story – but mum-of-2 Billie lets the negativity roll right off her back ?


That’s exactly how she handled some pretty harsh judgement over the above photo of her 4-year-old daughter, Nelly, smiling away in a bubble bath.

The story caught fire after a few negative comments snowballed into a fair few more, and media outlets started reporting on the backlash.

But, as Billie says in her latest chat with MFM, she actually can’t see what all the fuss was about…

“Do you know what it was, I just thought it was like an innocent cute picture,” she says. “You know what happens with us on Instagram, once a few people write a negative comment, people feel an opportunity to write more.

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“Online, they only really pick up on all the negative ones and not so much [the] many positive comments but you know, I just ignore it. I don’t take it to heart or anything.

“I always share lovely photos of the kids and if I thought for one second that it was a little bit too much, I would never have posted it.

“I just thought it was a cute fun photo. I never see any more to it than that. It’s a shame that people see the negative side of something so innocent."

It’s a tricky world out there on the ‘gram, but Billie for one says people's reactions aren't going to change how she posts. Far from it.

“I’ll keep sharing my cute pics,” she adds, finally. “In the end – I’m not deleting the post. I just turned the comments off, and that was that.”


Billie and her toddler Arthur currently the ambassadors for Tomy’s Toomies range

Images: Instagram/Billie Faiers

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