Billie Faiers: My toddler’s sibling jealousy is keeping me up at night

27-year-old Billie revealed how little Nelly is adjusting to her baby brother...


Billie Faiers has opened up about how jealous her toddler gets of her newborn.


The former TOWIE star admitted to OK! that 2-and-a-half-year-old Nelly’s been a bit envious of her new baby brother, Arthur – something we’re sure many of us will have experienced with our own kids. 

She and fiance Greg Shepherd anticipated that little Nelly might feel well jel (sorry ?), so they tried their best to make sure she felt involved in mum’s 2nd pregnancy…

“I even took her to the scans to prepare her for what was coming,” Billie told the mag.

Regardless, it seems she’s starting to resent having to share mum’s attention.

“Since Arthur arrived I’ve been trying to get her to help me out with little things so that she doesn’t feel pushed out. There have been moments where she’s got a bit jealous because I’m sat breastfeeding him.”

And, perhaps worst of all, the jealousy is most prevalent at night – as Nelly wants to sleep in the same room with mum, dad and baby, instead of her own.

“She’s been waking up at 3am and coming into our room,” Greg explained.

“Since Arthur arrived, I’ve been trying to get into bed with her so that Billie and the baby can sleep, but she sneaks off while I’m asleep and gets into our bed.”

“It’s been really hard but we’re hoping she grows out of it. I think she feels like she’s missing out because the baby is in our room,” Billie added.

“It means Greg and I are absolutely exhausted.”

Aghhh, we totally feel their pain on this one.

We definitely know what it’s like when the older sibling goes Green-Eyed Monster… and it can be such a tricky sitch to navigate. 

Hopefully as Nelly gets used to her baby bro, things will start to improve… and Billie and Greg can get some kip ?

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