Billie Faiers’ toddler sleep battle: ‘It’s causing a strain on our relationship’

The elder Faiers sister and her fiance are having serious trouble getting Nelly to sleep...


It might be sister Sam Faiers’ show – but Billie Faiers and her 2 children stole the The Mummy Diaries’ season finale last night.


The ITV2 reality series’ last episode documented the early days following the birth of Arthur, Billie’s son with fiance Greg Shepard.

But it wasn’t their newborn stealing all the air time by keeping them up at night. Oh no. It was their 2-year-old daughter Nelly who refused to go to sleep.

Billie admitted: “Sleep deprivation is the worst thing ever.”

While Greg added: “We’re at our wits end so we’ve called professional help. Our aim is to get her to stay in her own bed and sleep till at least 6am. It’s causing strain in our relationship.

“I was up in the night like a zombie. I reckon I put her in to bed about 150 times.”

Well, we know Billie and her fam are in the biz of sharing their lives on camera, but the honesty of this confession really struck a chord with the team here at MFM HQ.

Collectively, we can’t tell you how many fights we’ve had with our partners over the years due to a serious lack of sleep.

Extreme tiredness really can cause a huge strain on your relationship, for so many different reasons – and we reckon most parents, at some stage or another, will have been there, got the t-shirt, and worn it to bed.

Only to be woken up moments later by a bawling little one ? ?

Billie and Greg’s professional did offer a solution for the pair – they suggested the couple say goodbye to Nelly’s comforting ‘Milky Bot Bot’.

The couple held a ceremony of sorts, where they encouraged Nelly to kiss her bottles goodbye, so they could be given to the fairies.

Of course, we all know that ‘giving them to the fairies’ secretly means ‘slyly put them in the bin’ – which dad Greg did, prompting Nelly to have a huge tantrum.

Now, while there are things you can try to set up a sleep routine that actually works for your little one, different things work for different families, so it’s hard to say what might be worth giving a go.

We really do hope they’ve managed to find a solution since the show was filmed, though ?

Images: Instagram/Billie Faiers

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