How Binky Felstead *really* chose baby India’s buggy

Binky and boyfriend JP took one thing into careful consideration when choosing their baby's buggy...


You remember how excited we were when we found out the pram Binky Felstead was loving? ?


The Made In Chelsea mum, who shares baby India Elizabeth with boyfriend JP, uses the Cybex Priam for her little one.

Well, now she’s revealed HOW she and JP picked it, and it’s given us a lot to think about ???

Last night at the launch of the Cybex Koi collection, 26-year-old Binky stopped for a speedy chat with MadeForMums, and dropped this pearl of wisdom on us:

“Choosing a great pram is like choosing a car, it has to be good looking and it has to be safe.”

Interesting, right?

On the one hand, it makes total sense that you’d want to fully test-drive your tot’s buggy before they’re in it, for safety and practicality reasons.

That’s why we have our legendary (we think we can reasonably call it legendary ?) buggy-testing track as the pride of our The Baby Show stand!

On the other, a car is usually way more expensive, or perhaps a longer-term financial commitment (where you take out a payment plan), so a bit harder to replace if it’s not quite right.

And we’d guess that, generally speaking, you’d be planning on having your car a lot longer than you’d use your buggy.

Besides, the mums on team MFM seem to agree that often you end up with more than one buggy anyway. A bulkier pram for your newborn, and a stroller-type for later on…

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What drove you to select the buggy you chose – style, status, safety, all of the above? And did you or your partner treat picking your pram like test-driving a new car?

Perhaps you don’t drive, so this all sounds like a bunch of hooey to you? ?

We’d love to know – share your thoughts in the comments below, or on Facebook

Images: Instagram/Binky Felstead

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