Made in Chelsea fave Binky Felstead is sharing every step of her pregnancy with her 1.2m social media followers - right down to her swollen 'cankles'.


The reality TV star and entrepreneur, who is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Josh ‘JP’ Patterson in the summer, was on a 10-hour return flight from a babymoon break in Mauritius when her ankles began to swell.

She soon became concerned when the swelling didn't disappear once they'd landed...

She tweeted: "This is not okay… Why are my cankles from the plane journey not going down by now?!!! They’ve just got worse throughout the day!!! ?"

Many mums were quick to jump in with advice for the reality TV star, with many recommending she stay hydrated.

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“I feel your pain! Elevate them! Weleda Arnica and lavender massaged in to them really helps. Drink gallons of water. Swimming helps too x,” suggested one fan.

Another said: “Get an appointment with your midwife and get checked out. She will check your blood pressure too. Always best to check.”

Swollen ankles are common in pregnancy - particularly when flying. They can be a sign of something more serious, but in many cases it’s perfectly normal to feel discomfort from the extra weight of the baby and a change in fluid retention.

To help swelling go down, the general advice says to drink lots of water and stick your feet up, as well as avoiding tight-fitting shoes and clothes (if you can).

And to minimise the possibility of cankles while in the air, it helps to get up and move around the plane a little bit every once in a while.

Luckily, Binky's since tweeted that her ankles are back to normal… but her 'baby bladder' is now the problem!

She tweeted: "Okay this baby bladder is getting a bit much now!! At least the ankles are back to the normal ankle size THANK GOODNESS !!!! ???"

We have to admit, it is a little bit nice to see that even Chelsea's most glamorous set get the not-so-glam side effects of pregnancy... even if it is on a return flight from a babymoon in Mauritius ?

Oh, don't mind us, we're just a tiny bit jealous ?

Image: Instagram/@BinkyFelstead

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