Birth captured on Google Street View – or was it?

Mystery surrounds an image of a woman giving birth on the pavement in Germany, apparently caught by Google cameras


An image apparently captured by Google Street View of a woman giving birth on the pavement has caused a stir on the web. Following other recent bizarre sightings caught on Google’s cameras, the latest features a woman lying on a towel on the side of the street having just given birth to her baby. However, all might not be as it seems.


The image, taken on Hubertusallee Street in Berlin, sees a dramatic scene of an unexpected birth with a car haphazardly parked on the pavement and the woman lying on the ground and a man with a newborn baby in his hands. However, it has since been discovered to be a hoax after Google Germany confirmed it on Twitter.


It is not known who was responsible and the image has since been removed from Google Street View.

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