Bizarre celebrity baby names aren’t so new!

Research reveals the wackiest baby names British parents used 100 years ago


Looks like today’s celebrity parents didn’t start the unusual baby names trend after all. A review of the British birth registry from the 19thcentury has uncovered a list of baby names, strange enough to rival Harper Seven and Ace Billy.


As part of the research, history website looked through 750 million birth records and census data from 1841 and 1911.

Love Child Charles Wales Bull, Hero Bear Rose and Mistaker are just three imaginative baby names found. Other unusual names revealed included Lovely, Nice and Secret – intriguing!

The findings also showed that parents during that time liked combining popular names together, like Marymolly and Genabee for girls, while ancient Greek and Spanish inspired names Narcisso and Ramous were given to boys.

“This journey through history shows some real imagination being used,” said the website’s spokeswoman.

We’re glad some of these retro names haven’t made a comeback!

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