Bizarre holiday destination tops children’s wish list

Poll reveals children dream of going to the moon, or Australia, on their next holiday


For mums and dads there’s a pretty standard set of criteria when it comes to summer holidays. A pool, sand, a gorgeous view and the holy grail of all things summery – the sun. Craters, stars, constant darkness, a lack of gravity (where would you put your cocktail?!)…not so much. Yet, a poll by independent travel agent, reveals that our children are desperate to go to the moon!


Families were asked to show their children, aged between 3 and 8, a list of holiday destinations before asking them to pick their top three. Of the 2,105 families polled a whopping 47% chose the moon.

Real places Australia and Lapland made it onto the list too but it was the fictional destinations that really caught the kids’ eyes. Narnia, Hogsmead, Hogwarts and Pride Rock (from Lion King) all came in the top 10. Even Winnie the Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood made it onto the list.

One of the kids did bring a touch of old-fashioned cuteness to the proceedings though, citing ‘Granny’s House’ as where she’d most like to holiday, aww!

Where would your children pick?


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