Bizarre or beautiful? 3D model of your unborn baby

It's certainly the most unusual pregnancy keepsake we've seen - a custom-made model of your growing foetus created by a 3D printer


Most parents-to-be like to pop an ultrasound or 3D scan photo of your unborn baby on the mantelpiece during pregnancy. But now you can go a step further – and purchase a lifelike 3D model of your growing foetus.


“Imagine holding your baby before he or she is born”, says the website of 3D Babies, the California-based company that produces the models, which also describes the 3D babies as “adorable”.

The model babies are based on 3D or 4D sonograms, and use computer graphics and the latest in 3D printing to bring the scans to life. They are available in lifesize dimensions – 20cm (8 inches) high – and also in half-size (10cm – 4 inches) and mini (5 cm – 2 inches). Parents can select their model’s skin tone, and decide on whether or not they want its position to reveal its gender.

Your own 3D model baby will set you back between $400 and $200 (£244 to £122) – or, for a mere $250 you could splash out on a model celebrity baby such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter, North West.


A custom-made model of your unborn baby: wonderful or just plain weird? Would you want one?

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