Blue Peter dog death helps children learn to cope with loss

As the Blue Peter dog dies, presenter Helen Skelton explains why it’s good to be honest with children about death

Heartbroken children have been leaving messages on BBC1’s Blue Peter website after pet favourite, Lucy the dog, passed away. Presenter Helen Skelton believes that the show’s honesty about Lucy’s death will help children in their everyday lives.


“We would never pretend that Lucy hadn’t died because our kids are really switched on and to suggest anything else would be wrong. The director of the show said to us; ‘Don’t be too down about it, she had a long life and that is what’s important to explain to children,’” said Helen, reports The Sun.

“The death of a pet is often a child’s first experience of bereavement. Helping them through that loss can help them understand dying and that you shouldn’t stop talking about that loved one,” said Helen.


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