Bonny baby contest cancelled, as it’s “unfair”

Organisers of a Wiltshire carnival refuse to judge babies based on looks - but the mayor has launched a new show in protest


A carnival in Wiltshire has scrapped the Bonny Baby Contest because the organisers think it’s “no longer an appropriate item”.


Angry mothers have organised an alternative carnival, called the Mayor’s Baby Show, in protest.

Pete Smith, the mayor of Devizes, the Wiltshire town where the carnival will take place, said: “The mums said it was political correctness gone mad and I agree – it’s bloody stupid.

“The committee are doing a good job and that, but people like the old fashioned stuff.  They like to take their kids along and say ‘Granny did this when she was a little girl’,” he told

Dave Buxton, artistic director of Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts, which organises the carnival, said: “Devizes Carnival is a really modern carnival with hundreds of people taking part. Do you really think it is a good idea to judge babies and decide which ones are the best?

“There are some people that want it, but it is a handful of people. If you look at the carnival over the years, all sorts of things have come and gone – fashions change.”

Education expert, Susan Elkin, @SusanElkinJourn, agrees with the committee’s decision, tweeting: “Totally with carnival committee on this one. Have always loathed idea of judging babies on cuteness.”

Another tweeter, @WelshToy, said it was irrelevant: “All babies look like Winston Churchill anyway.”

The carnival will be held on August 31 and the Mayor’s Baby Show will be on August 27.


What do you think? Do you think these contests are harmless fun, or do you think it’s unfair to judge children based on their looks?

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