Boob shaped bottle holder

MFM couldn’t help but have a look at (and a squeeze of) these kooky boob shaped bottle holders - designed by a man...


The Baby Show for Trade certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to innovation but The Original Baby Company’s Ba bottle holder might just take the biscuit.


The flexible Ba bottle holder, which is designed in the shape of a boob, allows your baby grip onto his own bottle while feeding. The instructions say it’s suitable from 3 months, although it’s essential that if your young baby is able to hold his own bottle, you will still need to continuously watch him so he feeds safely.

The silicone material makes it easy to insert a baby’s bottle into the round cage (it looks a little bit like you’re going to send your baby’s bottle off Zorbing!). And then, once your baby has moved onto cups, you can use the Ba as a toy.

Presumably in case your child has some kind of aversion to putting a certain colour near their mouths, the holder is available in three colours; blueberry, rose and honeydew. The silicone ensures that the holder is durable, easy to hold and apparently safe for your baby to chew on (free if BPA, pthalates and PVC). However, you can’t heat it, so it’s not possible to sterilise and you may start to worry about being able to safely clean up milk splashes.

The holder was created by inventor and father, Travis Hendricks, who is bringing a whole new meaning to the idea of ‘man boobs’.


About to become available in the UK, you can get your very own Ba bottle holder from The Original Baby Company for £12.00.


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