Boris Johnson caught in paternity riddle

London Mayor is rumoured to be involved in ‘who’s the daddy’ speculation

Boris Johnson has found himself embroiled in speculation after being linked to the break-up of a close friend’s marriage.


The friend, former art consultant Helen Macintyre, is new mum to a baby girl, and there are now rumours linking Boris to the baby, called Hebe. The Daily Mail recently alleged that Helen’s husband, Pierre Rolin, was not Hebe’s father following a DNA test.

Helen, 36, and her husband separated in November last year. Pierre acknowledged that he wasn’t the biological father to Helen’s baby, and no father is named on the 8-month-old’s birth certificate.

“The newborn has shocking wild red hair and bright blue eyes – we were all saying she looked a lot more like Boris than Pierre, who is a French-Canadian with dark hair,” a source told the Daily Mail.


There has been no confirmation from Boris’s mayoral office other than, “Boris never talks about his private life.”

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