‘Bouncing’ baby falls 20ft out of window – and survives

Supple bones save baby’s life after second floor plunge


A 20-month-old boy had a miraculous escape when he fell 20ft out of a second-storey window – without injury. Callum, from Brighton, was rushed to hospital for CT scans but was later discharged as doctors could find nothing wrong with him.


Experts told his mum, 22-year-old Dawn Longhurst, that Callum had landed on a patch of grass and because his young bones were still supple, he effectively ‘bounced’ when he hit the ground, preventing injury.

The accident happened when Callum climbed onto a coffee table and then a sofa, before tumbling out of an open window. “I could see him outside and my heart was in my mouth,” explained mum Dawn. “He was crying and screaming but doctors later told me his was a good thing.”

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