Boxer Amir Khan welcomed his first child last week but has since changed her name – twice!


Announcing the baby’s name on Twitter last week, Amir announced his daughter’s name in capital letters to make sure there was no confusion.

“Mine and ‪@FaryalxMakhdoom New born baby LAMYSA. Born on 23rd May 2014 at 4:05am ‪#Blessed,” he tweeted on May 23.

Then, the next day, the new dad had a change of heart.

“Decided to call our baby LAMYSAH not LAMYSA. It sounds the same but we added the H at the end of it as Islamically it's the right spelling,” he tweeted.

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OK, Lamysah. We like it!

But, hang on a minute. Just as we’ve got our head around the name change, almost a week later Amir’s wife Faryal has another announcement to make.

“Sorry guys! Every1 is having difficulties pronouncing baby's name. We have decided 2 change the spelling 2 Lamaisah - correct pronunciation,” she tweeted on May 28.

We're hoping that's the last change - at least for this week.

Did you struggle with naming your baby? Or did you have the name picked out from the start? Let us know in the comments below.

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