Boy, 3, kills himself with police officer dad’s gun

The 3-year-old son of a police officer accidently shot and killed himself with dad's gun


Daniel Metz, 3, was playing in the back bedroom of his home in Missouri when he came across his dad’s gun and accidently shot himself in the chest. His mum, Amanda, was also at home and rang 911 after she heard the shot.


Her husband, police officer Ryan Metz, was patrolling the area at the time and answered the call. Ryan was one of the first on the scene along with other officers who also knew the toddler.

Ryan was distraught at finding out the victim was his own boy.

After officers attempted to resuscitate Daniel, he was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead at 6.05pm, reports the Daily Mail. This was half an hour after the shooting happened.

“I’ve been a police officer 29 years and I never bought a loaded gun into my home while my kids were there for this very reason,” said Police Chief Thomas O’ Connor.

“The gun should have been unavailable, locked up or something else, for a toddler to find,” he added.

Amanda and Ryan Metz also have two other children and are said to be devastated at this tragedy.

Unfortunately this is the third tragic incident in a week in the same area. One of these also saw a toddler find her dad’s gun and accidently pull the trigger on herself.

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