Boy, 7, drives car on his own to find dad

A boy from Michigan drove a car for 20 miles to find his father


A 7-year-old boy drove a car for 20 miles, barefoot and in his pyjamas, before the police stopped him. The reason behind this extraordinary event was the boy wanted to find his dad.


“He was crying and just kept saying he wanted to go to his dad’s,” said Caseville Police Chief Jamie Learman.

The young boy was staying in the Sheridan Township, Michigan, with his mum and tried to drive his step-father’s car, a red Pontiac Sunbird, to his dad’s home in Filion, North Michigan. The police finally managed to pull him over a good 15 miles from his intended destination.

Drivers spotted the boy, standing behind the steering wheel, barely able to see over it, on the morning of the 22 June. The car sometimes hit speeds of 50mph and at one point veered too far to the right on a rural road and fishtailed. Luckily, the authorities managed to box the boy’s car in, slow him down and pull the car over safely.

The little boy’s mum, who had been working a night-shift, was completely unaware that the car and her son were missing.

No one was hurt, but child welfare officials are now reviewing the matter.

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