Boy loses favourite toy, internet Photoshops it ‘travelling’ round world. Aw!

When one little boy lost his elephant toy, a whole lot of strangers did the most amazing thing to make him feel better...


In today’s awww ? news, you really need to see the genius way these parents handled their son’s toy going missing – and how their friends really backed them up!


(If only to steal a few tips ?)

It all started when Reddit user kontankarite’s friends realised their son’s favourite toy – a stuffed elephant – was missing. And the parents navigated their way through the initial upset by telling their little boy that his beloved animal pal was just off travelling around the world.

Then kontankarite challenged Reddit to a Photoshop Battle, asking other Redditors to add an image of the boy’s lost toy to all sorts of exotic world locations, so he and his friends could show the little boy what his elephant had been up to on his adventures.

And, of course, the people of Reddit (many of whom appear to have some excellent Photoshopping skills) delivered.

As you can see, from the pics below, the missing elephant toy has become quite the seasoned traveller!

He’s been playing football with other elephants…


Swimming in the ocean…


Walking the Great Wall of China…


Riding a gondola in Italy…..


He’s even made it to the moon…


But our absolute fave shows the elephant toy becoming very ‘zen’ outside a temple…


Brilliantly, the creator of this pic wrote: “He might be lost, but he seems to have found himself.”

This is whole project is just SO sweet.

Let’s hope the little boy’s elephant toy returns from his, er, travels soon!

Images: reddit / Photoshop Battles

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