Boy saved by hero dad from mine collapse

Father then had to be rescued, too!


A dad has saved his 2-year-old son after the boy fell into an old mine shaft, but then had to be rescued by the emergency services after he got stuck himself.


The boy was playing in his back garden when the ground below his feet gave way and he fell into the shaft. His dad raced to the rescue and managed to lift his son to safety, only to become injured in the process.

The dad, who declined to be identified, was then forced to dial 999 to get help from the emergency services.

“His young child had fallen down the hole — he was on a patio slab and it gave way,” explained Dave Cork, of Swadlincote Fire Station.

“The child had fallen down and the gentleman went in after him and lifted him out, but sustained a back injury so he couldn’t get out himself.

“He had his mobile phone so he called us and we used a ladder to get him out,” added Dave.

As well as Derbyshire Police and Fire services, the East Midlands Ambulance Service, a Mines Rescue team and an engineer from the Coal Authority all attended the scene to work out what exactly happened.


After being thoroughly checked over, it’s expected that the hole will be filled in today.

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