Boy sells his art for £17,000

Seven-year-old is hailed a genius after his paintings sell in 14 minutes


A 7-year-old boy has sold his paintings for £17,000 in just 14 minutes. Buyers from Japan and Canada paid more than £1,000 each to buy one of Kieron Williamson’s 16 paintings of Norfolk landscapes.


It follows a sealed bid auction of his work this summer, when 19 of his paintings were sold for £14,000. Adrian Hill, who runs the Picturecraft gallery in Kieron’s home town of Holt, where the sale took place, said, “He’s red-hot. The last child artist in this bracket was Picasso.”

Kieron, whose dad Keith is an art dealer, said, “It’s excellent. I was only expecting one or two to sell. Painting is my favourite hobby – but I like football as well.” Until last year, he showed no interest in art, but he was inspired to take up pencil and paintbrush after going on holiday to Devon and Cornwall. A family friend then spotted Kieron’s talent and offered to give him lessons.


Adrian said he was astonished by the rate at which the paintings sold. “It was over before it even started.” An exhibition of Kieron’s work will be held next August, if he can produce enough paintings to replace his old stock by then!

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